India Struggle For Independence by Bipin Chandra PDF

India Struggle For Independence by Bipin Chandra PDF

India Struggle For Independence by Bipin Chandra PDF is a quite intense book. It has 39 chapters and almost all cater to distinct events. The book starts with Tribal uprisings and Revolt of 1857 and ends with partition of India covering almost a century though not uniformly on time scale.

India Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra:

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Generally the subject specific books get boring or overloaded with facts but this one keeps you engrossed like a novel . A must for anyone who wants to acquint himself with Indian freedom struggle.
The best part is that it has 10-15 pages short chapters and each deals with a specific issue only thereby maintaining interest and and providing proper pauses to think over .

The book is full of facts and information, excellent writing, extremely invigorating. The book beautifully captures the struggle for freedom and contribution made by various events and personalities towards the achievement of swaraj!

This book sheds light on all of the important leaders who were a part of the struggle of independence and introduces us to many aspects of India’s freedom struggle that we wouldn’t come across otherwise. It is a very handy compilation of quotes, anecdotes and many, many cross references from different works on this subject. It is as detailed as it can be in 650 pages.

It is not just facts but also a justified analysis of the same. It touches upon almost every single contribution to the movement, right from the Northwest frontier to the Southern tip of India. But despite being such a big work, it is not at all tedious.

The amount of background stories that has been included for each of the leaders, made the book much more personal than the dreary historical books on Indian history that we read in school.

It is because it makes reading the same things that we have read in school more interesting, more like a recreation of that period of Indian history, only without the audio-visual element.

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