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All PDFs are updated and some more PDFs have been added.

Table of Contents:

  1. Old NCERT Books History
  2. Old NCERT Books Geography
  3. Old NCERT Books in Hindi
  4. What is difference between Old and New Ncert?

As you all know that Old NCERT books are a great way to build strong foundation for your Civil Service Preparation. Keeping that in mind we bring you all the books of all the subjects free of cost. Since we don’t want you to put strain on your eyes we have scanned the books in very high quality, so the file size may be higher.

Old NCERT Books PDF Download

Old NCERT Books History PDF

Following are the links to Old NCERT Books History:

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Old NCERT Books History - English

Old NCERT History Class 6 - Romila ThaparClass 6 (6 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 7 - Romila ThaparClass 7 (8 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 8Class 8 (52 MB)
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File size is 50 mb after compressing due to high quality.
Old NCERT World History Class 9 PDF (The Story of Civilization Volume 1 PDF)Class 9 (32 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 10 - The Story of Civilization Vol 2Class 10 (14 MB)
Old NCERT History Books PDF Class 11 - Ancient India - Makhan LalClass 11 (28 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 11 - Ancient India - RS SharmaClass 11 (12 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 11 - Medieval India - Meenakshi JainClass 11 (High Quality, 108 MB)
Class 11 (Good Quality, 55 MB)
Modern History of India by Bipin Chandra PDF Class 12Class 12 (14 MB)
History of Modern India PDF - Class 12 - Bipan ChandraClass 12 (10 MB)
Contemporary World History NCERT Class 12 PDFClass 12 (High Quality, 157 MB)
Class 12 (Good Quality, 81 MB)

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Old NCERT Books Geography

Following are the links to Old NCERT Geography.

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Old NCERT Books Geography - English

Old NCERT Geography Class 6 PDF - Lands and PeopleClass VI
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 7 - Lands and PeopleClass VII
Old NCERT Geography Class 8 - Lands and PeopleClass VIII
Old NCERT Geography Class 9 - Resources and Regional DevelopmentClass IX
Old NCERT Geography Class 10 - Economic and Commercial Geography of India PDFClass X
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 11 - Principles of Geography Part - 1Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 - Principles of Geography Part - 2Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 - Principle Basic of GeographyClass XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 12 - India - A General GeographyClass XII

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The Old NCERT books of Science, Political Science, Economy will be updated soon.


What is the difference between Old NCERT and New NCERT?

Old NCERT Books PDF are much better than New NCERTs because Old Ncerts cover the topics deeply and more analysis is provided, and that helps us in understanding better. New NCERTs cover the subject superficialy and lack the depth and to cover Civil Service Exam one needs depth.

Old ones are text heavy based. So, the coverage of the topics is little bit higher than new ones. First of all, understand that ncert books are not made for you, me or any upsc aspirants. It’s for school students who will find old books boring. Therefore they introduced new ncerts with lot of visuals such as graphs, illustrations, and tables to help the school kids to understand the topics easily.

Old books focus much on facts and figures i.e. to the point answers (for one word questions) whereas new ncerts follow NCF curriculum i.e. concept build up , they focus on subjective approach and long drawn explanations.

Old History NCERTs were written by famous authors like Bipin Chandra. They contained more facts and greater detail than New NCERTs.

New NCERTs saw diluted content and emphasized more on pictures and illustrations than detailed explanation.

Which is better Old Ncert or New Ncert books for IAS prep?

UPSC is undoubtedly one of the toughest examinations. To make it through, one requires a lot of knowledge. This indeed comes from a number of books. The most basic and essential books are NCERTs.

Old Ncerts are considered best to make a strong base in subjects important for UPSC. They are detailed and gave a deep insight on every topic. Building is strong only when its foundation is damn strong.

You can read both old and new books. Because old NCERTs are more factual and detailed. But new NCERTs are more thematic and simple. Analyzing last few years UPSC questions, one need both factual and thematic understanding of subjects. it will be ideal if you read old NCERTs first and then go for new books.

Our Mission:

When I was a Civil Service Aspirant, I looked for old NCERTS everywhere but couldn’t find them. So I decided to upload them myself, so that it may benefit a lot of other aspirants.

Sometimes, you just have to read a chapter from a book but it is not reasonable to buy whole book just to read a chapter. Therefore, using the PDFs on this website you can save a lot of money.

Hope you work hard and Clear the prestigious Civil services exam with flying colours. Keep your motivation and spirit high.

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